Heidelberg with the Old Town and the Castle

  • Heidelberg with the Old Town and Heidelberg Castle ist about 70 km from Bad Wimpfen.
  • Heidelberg-Alte-Bruecke-Neckar-Schloss
  • Heidelberg-Schloss-70km-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Heidelberg-Blick-von-Neckarwiese

The world famous Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town Heidelberg on the Neckar River with the oldest university in Germany, the Old Bridge, the Philosopher's Path, Palatinate Museum with Riemenschneider altar. More information about Heidelberg

further local attractions

  • Kloster-Maulbronn-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Auto- -Technik-Museum-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Salzbergewerk-Koenig-Wilhelm-II-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Flugvorfuehrung-Burg-Guttenberg-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Burg-Guttenberg-Ausflugsziel-5km-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Freizeitpark-Tripsdrill-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Sole-Gradierwerk-Bad-Rappenau-Ausflugsziel-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Eberstaedter-Tropfsteinhoehle-Ausflugsziel-von-Bad-Wimpfen
  • Burgenstrasse-Castle-Road-Mannheim-Bad-Wimpfen-Prague-13b

Further Recommendations

other leisure activities in the region:

Audi Forum Neckarsulm (about 8 km)

* factory visit

Maulbronn Monastery (about 50 km)
* World Heritage Site

Heidelberg (about 60 km)
* castle, old town

Castle Guttenberg (about 8 km)

* Deutsche Greifenwarte: Sanctuary for birds of prey with flight shows
* Castle Museum

Castle Horneck (about 5 km) Gundelsheim
* Castle with Siebenbürgischem Burgmuseum (Transylvanian Museum)

Castle Road from Mannheim to Prague

Automobile and Technology Museum in Sinsheim (about 20 km)
* Museum and IMAX 3D Filmtheatre

Salt Mine - Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG (Southwest German Salt works)  (about 3 km)
*Travel down the mineshaft in an elevator, take a tour of the salt mine, explore the modern multimedia and technical exhibition, discover the large domed chamber with it's long wooden slide.

Stalactite Cave - Eberstädter Tropfsteinhöhle (about 45 km)
* Höhlenweg 6, 74722 Buchen

Themepark Tripsdrill (about 30 km)
*attractions, wildlife park, nature resort

Boat trip on the River Neckar

Schell: chocolate factory and pastry shop in Gundelsheim (ca. 8 km)
* inventor of the "Essigschleckerle" - chocolate candy named in the Guinness Book of Records

Weinbau & Gutsausschank Greis (ca. 8 km)
* wine tasting, restaurant in Gundelsheim

Ferienhof Michaelsberg (ca. 9 km)
* Organic farm with organic restaurant and butcher's shop

Bad Rappenau (4 km)
*Brine well, brine strengthening works, extensive parks and gardens, castle surrounded by a lake


Zweiradmuseum Neckarsulm (ca. 10 km)
* Bicycle & motorbike museum

Heilbronn (ca. 16 km)
* Experimenta Museum, concerts & theatre, movies, guided tours,

Ludwigsburg (ca. 50 km)
* castle

Stuttgart (ca. 60 km)
* airport, old and new castle, shopping, concerts and theatre, musicals

 Odenwald and HeilbronnerLand
*picturesque towns, hiking paths, Limes