Montmartre from 15. - 16.07.2017

"Parisian Flair" in the centre of Bad Wimpfen! Discover the "Montmartre-Feeling" in the picturesque old town of Bad Wimpfen. A varied selection of artists display their own work.

  • Grosse und kleine Kuenstler stellen am Wochenende bei der Veranstaltung Montmartre ihre Werke in der Altstadt aus


  • Guided tour of the old town
  • "Montmatre-Flair" in Bad Wimpfen
  • Reservation in a recommended restaurant in Bad Wimpfen
  • Visit to an art gallery with/without guide

Price from 6,00 € p.P.
With 2 overnight stays from 69,00 € p.P.

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advance booking
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