Monastery and Beer Culture

An insight into local traditions

Some places have a particular atmosphere born of their age and character. Situated next to its imposing Abbey, the Knights' Monastery in Bad Wimpfen valley is certainly one of these special places. Enjoy discovering the unique tranquillity of the monastery and the gentle art of beer making at a brewery in Bad Rappenau which has been run by the same family for over 200 years.


  • Der Kreuzgang im Kloster von Bad Wimpfen - ein Ort der Besinnung
  • Imposante Ansicht der Ritterstiftskirche in Bad Wimpfen im Tal
  • Bad Rappenau - Brauerei


  •   Guided tour of the Abbey in Bad Wimpfen valley
  •   Visit to a brewery
  •   Master Brewer's supper with beer in Bad Rappenau
  • Drink of your choice in a beer bar 

Price: € 33 per person

incl. Taxi-Transfer to Bad Rappenau: € 38,00

Bookings all year round, 10 or more participants

advance booking

advance booking
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